Mark Pashmfouroush

CompSci student, Network Team volunteer at Frag-o-Matic and SysAdmin/DevOps hobbyist

GitHub: MarkPash -- KeyBase: markpash -- Email:

SSH Key: -- PGP Key: 9583 477C 718A 60C7 81A4 82CD 82C5 3639 8AB4 089A


I use linux for my workstation and servers, so I am familiar with unix-like tools and systems. I like to work on ArchLinux and use Debian for servers, using tools like Ansible to provision the servers. While I can use Windows, I can't administer it very well as it seems to defeat logic most of the time.

I can do some web stuff, I've worked with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap for front-end but no JS. For the server side of things, I have some experience with PHP but I really dislike it. Instead I like to work with languages like Python with the Flask framework to build microservice webapps and APIs.

I am capable of writing programs in multiple languages and can learn new ones from documentation usually. I prefer Python for most tasks, as the time taken to produce working code is small, though unsuitable for some tasks. C# and Java are similar languages and I am proficient in both, given their verbosity it was fairly easy for me to learn. While I can work in C, C++ and less so PHP, I don't particularly enjoy working with these, either for technical reasons or due to better alternatives. Currently what excites me most is Go and Rust, these languages have features like static binaries and various safeties which intrigue me, whilst being comparable to the likes of C and C++.

Outside of programming, I like to work on:

Reverse engineering embedded systems and mobile devices to convert them into generic linux capable machines.

Networking, NFV (Network Functions Virtualization), SDN (Software Defined Networking)

Containerization and Virtualization, Cloud Container Orchestration e.g. Kubernetes

SysAdmin and DevOps, working with tools like Ansible